"Akiko was a wonderful first piano teacher for my six year old daughter.  She was very patient and encouraging.  She inspired my daughter to love music and she continues to play piano today."

(M.Haley Seattle Washington)


"Akiko was the best teacher I ever studied with. She was able to focus on student's major problem and find a quick solution and always supportive, I wish I had a longer time to study with her."    

(S.Bray from Bainbridge Island, Washington)


"Akiko is a very careful listener who always made suggestions that helped my piano playing.

Akiko has excellent taste.  When she teaches a passage of piano music you know you are learning the passage in the most beautiful possible way.

Many times I would practice a section of a piece for days without making it sound good.  Akiko often identified the problem in less than a minute and I was able to play it much better.

Akiko is that rare piano teacher who is both brilliant at teaching and an excellent performing pianist.  During the time I studied with her she gave several solo and chamber music recitals and I was always completely stunned at the quality of her playing and interpretation.  She is a true pro!

Akiko taught me to love the music at a deeper level and that alone has helped my playing."   

(B.Branley from Seattle Washington)



"Patient and kind"

"Incredibly inspirational"

"Always allowed me to consider myself as musical, and to think musically in ambitious ways"

"Akiko allowed me to look at music for the first time since I was a child, as an art form that I could continue to develop like any of my other interests. We weren't pursuing perfection, but rather the pleasure of the journey."

(A.Gregory Seattle Washington)

Teaching Philosophy


My teaching focuses on helping students to have FUN and feel JOY in learning BEAUTIFUL and CHALLENGING music.


All children are DIFFERENT I try to bring out the BEST in all of my students. I believe that young children learn well when they experience something FUN and JOYFUL and INTERESTING that they will want to CONTINUE with.


We will always practice towards achieving the GOALS so they feel

CONFIDENT during recitals, auditions, or wherever their musical journey takes them.



1. Instilling understanding about music pieces and repertoires. We will learn about composers of different eras, and historical background of the pieces they are practicing.


2. Improving students' playing techniques, such as sitting with good posture, relaxing shoulders and arms, and good finger formation. These are important in order to create beautiful sounds and phrasings while playing music.


3. Reading music well. Like reading a good book, all students should be able to understand and analyze music written within the scores. In order to do this, I include SOLFEGE and SIGHT-READING during each lesson. 


4. Communication. I believe that communicating well is the key to being a good musician. As such, during my lessons, students are encouraged to share fun things about their daily lives.


5. Performing together. I like to play music pieces as examples for my students. This is the way I personally learned during my childhood from my teachers at school or at music masterclasses. Hearing good performance examples serve to awaken their inner listening skills. 


Please review my studio policy as well as the information below.

Akiko Iguchi Piano Studio in Five Points Studio Policy
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